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Key in the Lock

ProKeys Lockworks is a full-service locksmith. That means we are proud to offer solutions for your all your various locksmithing needs.

Have you lost all your keys and need a new one originated and programmed to your car? We can do it. Do you have specialized antique door hardware that needs to be maintained or repaired? We can do that.  Do you have a safe you can not get into?  We can do it (its tough though!) 

What are your locksmithing needs?

Give us a Call - 828-434-5042 - We are confident that we can do it. 

We strive to help you in a professional and timely manner.


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  • Emergency Unlocks

  • Rekey
  • Key Copies
  • Deadbolt Installation
  • Repair  Door hardware
  • Install Keyless Entry
  • Electronic Locks repair and installation
  • Safe Opening, &Repair
  • Door installation
  • Specialty Locks for Airbnbs
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  • Rekey 

  • Replacing Lost Keys

  • Master Key Systems

  • Rekeying apartments & rentals

  • Repairing Door hardware

  • Installing Door hardware 

  • Installation and Repair Keyless Entry Locks

  •  Electronic leverhandles and deadbolts

  • Access Control

  • Safe Repair

  • Timely Door Installation

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  • Key Copies

  • Replacing Lost Keys

  • High-Security Keys

  • Transponder (Chip) Keys

  • Proximity Keys

  • Flip Keys

  • Remote-Head Keys

  • Nissan Intelligent Keys

  • Ignition Repair & Replacement

  • Car Key Programming

  • Unlocking Vehicles

  • Duplicating Laser Keys

  • Antique Car Originating keys

  • Repairing Door and Ignition Locks

Mobile Car Key Programming

We can bring our car key programming services to your door and save you both valuable time and money. Our experienced  technician, Deedrick, uses the latest technology to complete your car key programming without having to tow your car into a dealer.  We handle both local and imported makes and models. Our services are reliable and affordable.

Emergency Lockouts - Best Practices

If you have locked your keys in your vehicle, inform the locksmith of the make and model of the vehicle and inquire as to what method will be used to open it. A skilled locksmith will pick the door lock on the vast majority of vehicles. Some service providers, such as unlicensed tow truck operators, law enforcement officers and untrained locksmiths rely only on wedging the car door and feeding a metal stick through your door frame, described in the following paragraph, often causing body damage to your vehicle. A skilled locksmith will use the least invasive method to give you access to your car or truck.


Some companies doing automotive openings use only "air wedges" and "long reach tools." What is this? A wedge or other type tool is placed between the door jam and the top of the door. Pressure is applied by either pumping air into the wedge or by other means.  This bends the top of the door back far enough to allow a "long reach" tool to be inserted into the cabin of the vehicle thus manipulating the mechanical or electronic lock actuators. This is a legitimate method that locksmiths use to open some vehicles, but should be used as a last resort and only on vehicles where less invasive methods of opening are not available. This method runs the risk of "springing" the door, and leaving you with an insufficient seal. After a door has been "pumped," it will sometimes suffer from water leaking and wind noise coming into the cabin at highway speeds. The least invasive methods are paramount for protecting your property. 

At ProKeys Lockworks, Deedrick strives to protect your vehicle by unlocking it through the door lock itself and picking it open.  This is a rare skill and should be valued as a preferred method to maintain the value of your vehicle.   

We consider this one example of "Best Practices" from an honest business that cares about your investment. 

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